Why You Should Choose A Pediatric Dentist For Your Child

Regular dental visits are one of the easiest ways to ensure your child has a healthy mouth as they grow. After the first tooth erupts, we recommend these visits at least twice a year to maintain their oral health. While you can bring your child to any family dentist, it’s often worth the effort to find one with specific experience in treating children. Our practice is a perfect example!

At Sycamore Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Sarah Barysenka has received extra education in all aspects of pediatric dentistry. This includes everything from check-ups and sealants to full mouth rehabilitation and general anesthesia. She also has experience in caring for patients with complex medical backgrounds. Let’s take a closer look at what pediatric dentistry is and how our team can care for your child’s smile as they grow!  

What is a pediatric dentist? 

A pediatric dentist is a dental specialist who has received additional training in treating infants, children, adolescents, and children who have special needs. To qualify as a pediatric dentist, someone like Dr. Sarah must complete a post-doctoral program approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) and at least two years of academic and clinical instruction that specializes in pediatric dentistry. 

As you can see, there are a lot of hoops to jump through to qualify as a pediatric dentist! This extensive training program prepares these specialists to: 

  • treat children’s specific dental and orthodontic needs
  • provide a positive dental experience from start to finish
  • educate children on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene
  • help children form healthy dental hygiene habits as they grow

What are the benefits of choosing a pediatric dentist? 

The extra experience pediatric dentists have with treating younger patients means they tend to be better at handling any emotional or developmental issues surrounding dental care. For example, a trip to the dentist can be scary for people of any age, but this is often especially true for a young child who isn’t sure what to expect from the visit. A pediatric dentist like Dr. Sarah is skilled at making children comfortable during dental appointments. This helps them feel more at ease and keeps their early experiences with our practice positive. 

Dr. Sarah’s interest in pediatric dentistry is driven by her passion for providing quality care to children from a very young age up until their teenage years. When your child comes in for a visit, we’ll use specific words and phrases to keep things calm and reassuring. For instance, we may ask younger children if they want to have their teeth “counted and brushed” rather than asking if they’re ready for a dental cleaning. We may play games or let them safely explore the area to help them feel more comfortable. Having a kid-friendly environment makes appointments more fun for everyone involved!  

What are the benefits of a pediatric dental office?

Social interaction is an important part of any child’s life. When faced with an unfamiliar environment, many kids find comfort in groups. Our office is designed with this in mind! We use larger rooms with a more open floor plan that are equipped with multiple dental chairs. 

While adults may find this a little strange or off putting, children love not feeling “alone” during dental procedures. Seeing other children being treated can also help many young patients feel more comfortable with their own treatment.  

Our Sycamore office also offers fantastic amenities. These include a refreshments bar, video game room with Xbox and Playstations, toothbrushing station, and a large open hygiene bay with a bright and cheery atmosphere. We’ve found that this set-up encourages socializing and provides patients with a calm place to relax before their appointment begins. Parents love it, too!   

Pediatric dentists can take the worry out of dental visits

We want every young patient to look forward to their time at our office. That’s why we work hard to minimize any anxieties or fears they may have! Using the “tell, show, do” method is a useful way to help kids visualize what’s happening during their appointment. We may say we’re helping their teeth sleep when numbing a specific area, explain we’re putting vitamins on their teeth as we apply fluoride, or tell them we’re taking pictures of their teeth to describe the X-ray process. Using simple language they understand makes them feel more involved in their dental care!

One thing we ask parents to keep in mind is that their own anxieties about dental care can be projected onto their children. If you tend to be nervous about seeing a dentist, your child may pick up on that and begin to fear their visits to our office.  If you need help navigating this, Dr. Sarah will be more than happy to provide you with some tips and advice! When you trust our team and feel confident in your child’s treatment, it will lead to a more positive and enjoyable experience for you, your child, and our team members.  

Healthy smiles start at Sycamore Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

The team here at Sycamore Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry has years of experience in treating children of all ages with the highest level of care. Dr. Sarah has the skills and training to make every appointment pleasant and beneficial for everyone involved. We provide a welcoming environment and genuinely care about each child we treat! 

If you’ve been looking for a dentist and practice that specializes in personalized care, you’re in the right place. We work with parents like you to provide the educational tools necessary for patients to enjoy a cavity-free smile! To learn more about the pediatric services we provide, visit our site or call 815-507-8012 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sarah.