Keeping Your Teeth Straight

Imagine if someone told you that to get in shape, you only had to work out for a year. Then, to stay in shape, you just had to wear a special bracelet at night. You’d do it, right?

The same is true of braces and retainers — once you’re finished with your orthodontic treatment, the best way to keep your teeth looking beautifully straight is to simply wear your retainer. If you don’t wear your retainer, your teeth will move, no matter your age.

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Maintain Your Smile

Retainers need to be worn for life to maintain your perfect smile. At Sycamore Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, there are many different options for long-term retainers.

All of our patients receive a custom-fit removable retainer that they will wear every night. Your orthodontic package will include the price of one set of retainers and retainer checks for the first year.

Types of Retainers

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Clear Removable Retainer

This is the most common type of retainer given to patients. Clear retainers are removable trays, similar to the look of Invisalign. In our Sycamore office, impressions are taken and these retainers are made the same day braces come off.

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Vivera Retainer

Vivera retainers look similar to our clear removable retainers but are made slightly different. A digital scan is taken of the patient’s mouth and used to fabricate four sets of identical retainers. The scan is sent out and manufactured by Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign.

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Hawley Retainer

The Hawley retainer has been around the longest. It consists of a plastic mold that sits on the roof of your mouth with a wire that goes across your front teeth. The best thing about this type of retainer is that it’s adjustable and more durable. You also have the option to pick what color you want for the mold!

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Fixed Retainer

Most patients will have a fixed retainer bonded on the lingual (tongue side) of the lower teeth. This retainer is a small, flex tech wire, that is typically placed the day braces are removed. The most important thing when having a fixed retainer is to properly clean your teeth to avoid any decay or tartar build-up.

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Memotain Retainer

Similar to our fixed retainer, memotain is bonded to the lingual side of the lower teeth. However, it’s created with computer-aided manufacturing and is personalized to fit every curve of the teeth. This allows for maximum comfort for every patient.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Each patient’s case is unique and will require different retainers. At the end of treatment, Dr. Barysenka will help you decide what retainer will be the perfect choice for you!

For more information please contact our Sycamore, IL office at 815-895-7660 to schedule a consultation.