Imagine if your orthodontist lived next door to you.

Personalized Orthodontics Care

At Curtis & Barysenka Sycamore Orthodontics, we strive to be your neighbors who know your family well while delivering the highest quality of care for you and your loved ones. We want to make sure you are completely comfortable and we exceed your expectations every step of your journey with us, from the first day you walk into our office to the day you come in for a retainer check 10 years after treatment. We are always here for you!

Fun Atmosphere

We are here to make you smile and make sure you enjoy each visit with us. Always friendly and engaging, our team members are ready to elevate your mood and make sure you leave the office happier than you came in. In-office and online contests, games, Patient Rewards Hub and special patient appreciation events like Movie Night and our Annual Pool Party are all just part of being in the Curtis & Barysenka Sycamore Orthodontics family.

Expert Training

Dr. Peter Barysenka is an Orthodontist. After completing dental school and becoming a dentist first, only about 6 graduates of an average 100 students of every graduating class go through a highly competitive selection process to pursue orthodontic residency. After Graduating UCLA school of Dentistry, Dr. Barysenka spent an additional 3 years at UIC in Chicago to study facial growth and development while learning the skills to develop and execute the best treatment outcomes for each individual patient. Our team is committed to constant learning and improving and we attend multiple continuing education courses every year.

Affordable and Flexible Payments

Flexibility is our second name

We want to understand your needs and help fit orthodontic treatment in your life to make it easy and stress free. After we determine the type and complexity of treatment you need, we will find the best way to maximize your insurance benefits to help cover the cost of orthodontic treatment. For all out-of-pocket costs, we are offering in-office, no interest financing and will work with you to determine a monthly payment schedule that can fit your budget.

We offer family discounts, discounts for patients who went through growth guidance treatment at early age with our office and now ready for full orthodontic treatment, and we do offer discounts to patients who are willing to pay in full for their treatment at the day they start.

Get Comfortable & Efficient Treatment

At Curtis and Barysenka Sycamore Orthodontics, we use state-of-the art technology that accelerates treatment time and can make the overall experience more comfortable for our patients. We utilize Shape-Memory NiTi orthodontic wires for most braces, which is the same technology developed and utilized by NASA. These wires deliver very light and continuous force for a prolonged period of time, guiding teeth in their right position. This technology reduces discomfort, increases intervals between your orthodontic adjustments and can speed up the length of treatment.

In select cases, newly developed self-ligating braces are used to reduce the friction between the bracket and wire in order to achieve results that are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to achieve with traditional braces (like expanding arch form in teens and adults). Reduced friction, in some cases, can also help make the treatment faster and more efficient.

Modern technology

We offer esthetic treatment options that can better suit your lifestyle and personality. We can choose between tooth-colored ceramic braces or removable clear aligner therapy, like Invisalign. For those of you not comfortable taking impressions that orthodontics is known for, we have a 3D intraoral scanner to take your impressions, mess free! Just let us know and you will never have to experience traditional impression taking in our office. We offer MyOrthodontis app for all our patients. After creating and signing into your account, you can view your photos and X-rays from your mobile device, review your previous and upcoming appointments, view financial information, and make payments. You will also be able to fill out most treatment-related forms and questionnaires on the app. To help guide you through your treatment, our staff will be able to share oral hygiene and other treatment-related videos with you through the MyOrthodontist app.

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