Your Alternative to Braces

Braces aren’t the only orthodontist-approved way to straighten teeth: say hello to Invisalign! Often referred to as “clear aligners,” Invisalign is an alternative that provides the same results as braces, at about the same cost.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of custom-made BPA-free, plastic trays that are comfortable, removable, and completely personalized to your mouth.

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Differences Between Invisalign and Braces

Patients are choosing Invisalign because it’s more comfortable than braces — and more discreet. Because the trays are clear and made of smooth BPA-free plastic, some people may not even know you are wearing them!

Invisalign also allows you to eat all your favorite foods, such as gum, popcorn, and taffy — you just take the tray out before you eat and rinse it before putting it back in.

Invisalign does require some level of maturity and responsibility. Our patients need to remember to wear the aligner at all times, and only remove it when eating, drinking, brushing, or flossing.

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Invisalign First

Invisalign First is the newest choice for childhood orthodontics.

It is specifically designed for young children who have a mixture of baby teeth and permanent teeth. It can be used to correct arch problems by gradually expanding a child’s jawline.

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Invisalign Teen

Teens have their own option for barely noticeable orthodontic appliances—Invisalign Teen. This treatment is almost the same as Invisalign for adults, except the clear aligners have a small blue dot on them, which allows parents to see whether their teens are wearing the braces or not.

Additionally, Invisalign Teen comes with more aligners than the traditional package, allowing for the possibility that teens may lose or break their trays.

Here’s How it Works

The length of your treatment time depends on the original position of your teeth, but most patients require about 10 to 18 months of treatment.

Step 1

The experts in our Sycamore office use 3D technology and molds of your teeth to create a series of clear removable aligners that straighten teeth without the need for metal wires and brackets.

Step 2

Before you take the first set of aligners home, we will examine your smile to ensure that they fit correctly.

Step 3

You wear each of the aligners for about two weeks, removing them when you eat, drink, brush and floss. Each of the aligners is uniquely fitted to slowly move your teeth into the proper position.

Step 4

You will return to our office every six weeks to pick up your next set of trays. This is also an opportunity for the doctor to examine the progress of your treatment, the health of your teeth and gums, and to answer any questions you might have.

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How to Clean Your Invisalign

It’s important to take care of your aligners (and teeth!), so they continue to be effective without causing decay.

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, hand soap, and room-temperature water to scrub the appliances gently.
  • Never use hot water, because it can warp the plastic.